health-E-net is a social enterprise for patients in under-served  communities to access high-quality medical second opinions  

Millions of people in villages and towns in developing countries are diagnosed with serious illnesses that force them to make choices such as,

    • Should they travel to the big city to try and get treatment there?
    • Should they spend their savings on the CT scan the doctor recommended?
    • Should they try a treatment that they heard worked well with an acquaintance?

While these are not problems unique to patients in developing countries, the poor and uneducated face disproportionate barriers to access high-quality secondary healthcare.

The health-E-net solution is to provide these patients with access to high-quality second opinions - opinions that empower them to make the best decisions for themselves. It consists of:

'access' clinics

  • Staffed by nurses and clinical officers who are part of the community health infrastructure.
  • They help patients collect their medical records, digitise and store their data on an electronic platform.
  • The staff connect patients with the appropriate, remote medical specialists, mediate the consultation, and counsel patients on future steps.

doctors in the diaspora

  • health-E-net is a network of volunteer doctors who review patient data and provide second opinions.
  • Specialists, mainly from the diaspora, are committed to helping a developing healthcare system.
  • health-E-net provides the platform for healthcare specialists with a meaningful way to connect with communities in need.

e-Health platform

  • health-E-net enables remote second opinion consultations over a secure and patient-controlled digital platform.
  • No patient-identifiable data are shared, and records are rich in structured data and context.
  • Partnerships with leaders in digital data privacy and security ensure a commitment to both, data privacy and efficient remote consultations.



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This project is supported by Grand Challenges Canada. Grand Challenges Canada is funded by the Government of Canada and is dedicated to supporting Bold Ideas with Big Impact in global health.


Help us

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